Building Queries

A minimal Example

Whenever you want to retrieve some metadata you use a Query:

# one import for everything
import plyr

# A query understands lots of options, they can be either passed
# on __init__ as keywords, or can be set afterwards as properties
qry = plyr.Query(artist='Tenacious D', title='Deth Starr', get_type='lyrics')

# Once a query is readily configured you can commit it
# (you can even commit it more than once)
items = qry.commit()

# Well, great. Now we have one songtext.
# Since libglyr may return more than one item,
# commit() always returns a list. The default value is 1 item though.
# The list contains ,,Caches'', which are basically any sort of metadata.

Accessing Default Values

Default Values for any option can be accessed by instantiating an empty Query, and using the provided properties.

Property Reference