Salve te Wanderer!

What is this about?

This is the documentation to plyr, a Wrapper around libglyr, a library for finding and downloading all sort of music-related metadata from a collection of providers. It’s written in C and therefore available for musicplayers written directly in that language, or for programs that used the commandline interface glyrc.


Using PyPI:

Use pip to install the package from source:

sudo pip install plyr

Manual Installation (most recent):

Install libglyr if not done yet. Either..

Install cython if not done yet:

sudo pip install cython

Build & install the Wrapper:

git clone git://
cd python-glyr
sudo python install


Silly question. You’re looking at it. But when we’re on it: There are only a few chapters, since there is not so much to cover. Every chapter is split into a description, and a reference. After all those theory chapters you are going to be rewarded by some practical examples.

Please have fun.

Other things to note?

Please use a own useragent, if you integrate glyr into your application. You can set it via:

qry.useragent = 'projectname/ +('

Why? In case your application makes strange things and causes heavy traffic on the provider’s sites, they may ban the user-agent that makes this requests. So, only your project gets (temporarly) banned, and not all libglyr itself.